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Offshore in the Seychelles

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We offer ready-made offshore companies in Seychelles in 2009 and the registration of new offshore companies in Seychelles at the most affordable prices for residents of the CIS and Pribaltki, including a nominal service! Seychelles - an island nation in the Indian Ocean, just south of the equator, about 1,600 km east of African mainland, northeast of Madagascar.

Presidential republic. The judicial system inherent to English law, French civil law and customary law. Member of the British Commonwealth.

Seychelles is an area for recording companies is completely free from taxes under the condition of economic activity and location of controls the company outside the country. This company is not for tax accounting and has no tax rate.

Company Type International business company
Share capital The minimum capital is not installed. Recommended - $ 50 000. Paid up capital is not set
Assessment and reporting A fixed annual fee. Provision of financial statements and the audit is not required
More Requires a minimum of one shareholder and director. There may be individuals or legal entities. Residents or nonresidents. Chance of nominee service and are available bearer shares. The standard form of the statute allows the company to conduct any activities not prohibited by applicable law and does not require additional licensing
Privacy Policy The law guarantees the confidentiality of the owners and directors. Information from the founding documents, copies of which are stored in the register of companies, can be represented by third parties only after a decision by the Court. The register of shareholders and directors shall be the registered office

The term of a company registered in the republic, you must renew every year, two months before the date of incorporation