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Residence permit (permit) in Europe

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Taking into account that Latvia is one of the Schengen countries, a residence permit (permit) Latvia (and other Baltic countries) is becoming very popular. Latvia joined the EU in May 2004. In December 2007, a member of the Schengen countries. Obtaining residence permit in Latvia, will allow you to visa-free entry to all Schengen countries:

As well as a number of countries, the borders are open to the Schengen countries: Monaco (border with France), San Marino and the Vatican (the border with Italy). Certainly, many people familiar with the procedure of obtaining residence permits in the Czech Republic, by recording companies and the opening of business visas. But due to the large influx of willing, Embassy of the Czech Republic accepts the documents according to the records, which is six months ahead, with the deadline for consideration of documents from 3 months. As a result, the deadline for receipt Rentals for about a year.

WE OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE - registration of legal persons in Latvia. That in our opinion, of course, has several advantages:

════ Timing of Rentals 1 - 2 months.

════ Ownership of the company - representation that the release of the founders of the company from paying any taxes and charges on the content company (in Czech companies, the cost can reach $ 1000 per year).

════ Purchase and register the car in the EU (Latvia).

════ The possibility of obtaining a driver's license in Latvia in force throughout the EU.

════ Acquisition of real estate in Latvia.

Necessary documents for registration of residence permit

For representation

════ The certificate of incorporation (certified copy) + apostille.

════ A notarized copy of the charter company + apostille.

════ A notarized copy of the changes in the Charter (if available).

════ Power of Attorney with right of substitution to the Contractor the right to represent the customer in all institutions of state and local authorities of Latvia, as the right to sign on behalf of the Customer.

The possibility of representation of Russian or Ukrainian companies.

For a representative

════ Copies of the civil and foreign passports.

════ Criminal record.

════ Medical certificate of the results of fluorography or x-ray examination (right design - a form letter, preprinted, surname, name of physician, date, etc.).

════ A document confirming the necessary subsistence security (certificate from the bank or trevel-checks in the amount of EUR 2500 for adults and EUR 1500 for children).

Registration process

1. ══ You provide the required documents to our employees (possibly by mail);

2. ══ Our staff will prepare all necessary documents for opening a representative office, then send them to Latvia on the registration.

3. ══ Registration takes 12 working days (if necessary it can accelerate up to 2 days).

4. ══ After the registration documents have been submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Ukraine;

5. ══ Within 30 working days, the embassy decided to grant residence permit (on an expedited basis - 10 days);

6. ══ After a positive decision, the representative receives emigration visa at the Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine;

7. ══ Representative to visit the Republic of Latvia to obtain residence permits.


════ Euro 4550 - Opening of offices and obtaining a permit for residence permit for the director of the mission;

════ 2550 euro registration Rentals for each family member representative;

════ 170 euro - the fee the Republic of Latvia for the examination permit for temporary residence permits (review within 10 days);

════ 60 euro - consular fee;

════ 50 euro - Medical insurance;

════ 35 euro - emigration visa of Latvia;

════ additional costs - If necessary clearance on an expedited basis.

Schengen countries, dates of entry.

1. ═════════════════ Austria (12/01/1997)

2. ═════════════════ Belgium (26/03/1995)

3. ═════════════════ Hungary (26/12/1997)

4. ═════════════════ Germany (26/03/1995)

5. ═════════════════ Greece (03/26/2000)

6. ═════════════════ Denmark (25/03/2001)

7. ═════════════════ Iceland (25/03/2001)

8. ═════════════════ Spain (26/03/1995)

9. ═════════════════ Italy (26/10/1997)

10. ═════════════ Latvia (12/21/2007)

11. ═════════════ Lithuania (12/21/2007)

12. ═════════════ LUXEMBOURG (03/26/1995)

13. ═════════════ Malta (12/21/2007)

14. ═════════════ Netherlands (03/26/1995)

15. ═════════════ Norway (25/03/2001)

16. ═════════════ Poland (27.12.2007)

17. ═════════════ Portugal (03/26/1995)

18. ═════════════ Slovakia (12/21/2007)

19. ═════════════ Slovenia (12/21/2007)

20. ═════════════ Finland (03/25/2001)

21. ═════════════ France (26/03/1995)

22. ═════════════ Czech Republic (12/21/2007)

23. ═════════════ Sweden (25/03/2001)

24. ═════════════ Estonia (21/12/2007)

25. ═════════════ Switzerland (12/12/2008)