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Opening an account at Barclays Bank. Offshore

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If you are working with European or American counterparts, and you need maximum privacy with a simultaneous lack of influence of EU Directives in the field of information exchange - an additional expense in one of the offshore branches of Barclays Bank (UK) in the Seychelles to rectify the situation and restore confidence and the location of your business partners. Account can be opened for both offshore and for the European (British company).

Now the modern practice of international business is not made to the scheme of sale vklyuchayut directly to an offshore company, taka as usual the seller or the buyer does not want (or it is not advisable) to conclude a contract with an offshore company.

This problem can be solved by buying and selling on commission scheme transaction in which the surety is an offshore company and the commission may act as a European (for example, English or Danish) company. Surety instructs the commission to buy the goods on his behalf in favor of the surety (the service purchase) for the set commission, then the surety instructs the commission to sell the goods on its behalf by the buyer in favor of the surety (commission sales) for the set commission. Details, see "Offshore schemes"

Using a business schemes of European companies ( not Cyprus - in Europe it is not accepted ) can significantly increase both the profitability of your business and relevant to you your partners and contractors, as well as provide additional advantages ..

If your transactions with foreign partners as long as are ad hoc, or you do not have opportunities and experiences of their own to provide content companies in Europe, or your partners are willing to enter into a contract with the supplier (buyer), which has a positive credit and financial history, is European VAT payer (VAT) - We are ready to assist you in finding European intermediary company that will take the lead in organizing the process of product delivery (or a purchase) on his own behalf, but clearly acting on your instructions.

The relationship between your company and business intermediaries are issued a commission contract or other agreement by mutual agreement of the parties. The amount of commission is negotiable and depends on the details of the transaction and typically amounts to 3-5%.

If you have questions like: "How do I open a bank account?", "Which offshore bank should I choose?", "What banking services will I get?" - We suggest you visit our pages frequently asked questions (FAQ) and C begin to become more familiar with these issues, and then contact us for initial consultation.

Detailed information on the cost of ready-made companies with accounts at Barclays Bank, and recommendations on the proper jurisdiction for your business will give face to face.