Opening an account in an offshore Loyalbank


Loyalbank is a first class offshore bank located in the Caribbean on o.Sent Vincent. St. Vincent is nezvisimym state in the Caribbean region - one of only three jurisdictions in the world with the applicable laws of confidentiality, which do not provide information on the decisions of the courts of third countries. To start the judicial inquiry in St. Vincent applicant must pay a fee of $ 50 thousand.

The paperwork to open an offshore bank account is in our Moscow or Kiev office. Loyal Bank is a full member of International Association of MasterCard, Maestro as the issuer and a member of Cirrus. The Bank, as a full member of SWIFT-a, able to establish reliably coded banking relationship with more than 8000 financial institutions around the world. Auditor of the Bank is KPMG. . Legal Counsel of the Bank - Grahame Bollers in Kingston, about. St. Vincent.

- Euro, U.S. dollar and other currencies (through multi)

- Corporate debit cards - Visa, MasterCard;

- Account maintenance - about $ 300 per year;

- Commission for the translation - 0.3% (min. $ 38.50 max. $ 400)

- Account management via Internet Banking

An offshore account is the most convenient and confidential financial instruments for storage and investment. We always rekomednuem in addition to EU bank account opening additional accounts, "purse" in the offshore jurisdiction

More information about the bank's tariffs can be found at the bank