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Offshore schemes: Legalization, loans

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Offshore companies and offshore funds are often used to uprravleniya financial flows, their redistribution and reporting of loans to subsidiaries. The loan business receives a legal source of funds with the possibility of trouble free return with payment of a certain percentage, which can also be used to reduce the tax burden (on the church are gross expenses). It is possible to achieve reduction of withholding taxes by using the non-resident company to benefit from the treaty on avoidance of double taxation.

Providing Loans to residents

Offshore investor

Company in the EU

Accommodated party

A good example is to lend the company in Cyprus , in Switzerland or Denmark, which can take advantage of the treaty on avoidance of double taxation that exists between the two countries, under which withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties are reduced from 15% to 0%.

Providing loans to groups of assets

With several projects recommended to use a multi-layered ownership structure, dividing the assets of groups, an additional scheme of its facade kompanieyami in the EU.

Offshore Fund

The borrower # 1

Offshore investor

Company Cyprus

The borrower # 2