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What is a Bungalow, Villa, Duplex, Penthouse, Studio, Townhouse. Property Types

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Bungalows - small, detached house for summer residence. Heating system in the bungalows, there is usually no. He constructed from thin and light materials.

Villa - residential building, located on a relatively large area (20 hectare), and having from 1 to 3 floors. Belongs to the category of elite housing. The presence of terraces - required, in addition - green space and pool. Equipped with a water tank with electric heating and solar heaters. The interior of the villa is often made out of wood paneling valuable species, sex and living room terrace is laid with marble, and in bedrooms - parquet.

Flat (apartment) - located in an apartment house in the residential area. Apartments with three bedrooms, as a rule, have two bathrooms. The presence of the water heater - is necessary.

Maisonette - a separate house, usually on two hosts. Typically, this two-storey house with two separate entrances, terrace, lounge, large dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms with balconies and a small flower garden in the yard. Usually located in a complex of several maisonettes with a common parking lot and swimming pool.

Apartment complex - is usually from 2-3 three-storey blocks of flats, maisonettes and a few individual homes, has, as a rule, general parking and a swimming pool. The houses in this complex, unlike houses, do not have their land. Firms build maisonettes and apartments at their own expense for selling, but at home - the money of customers. Bungalows and villas are also often built for a specific customer.

Penthouse - an apartment in a number of levels on the upper floors of many apartment houses. At the same time required: a prestigious area, the elite of the building, a large area of the apartment, beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, the presence of exit to the open terrace or roof. Sometimes penthouse in Cyprus is called a single apartment, which occupies the top floor.

Studio - apartment in an apartment building consisting of rooms and bathrooms with toilets. The studio usually has a separate kitchen, but simply part of the room to shield the bar.

Townhouse - (English tawnhouse - Townhouse) can be defined as a combination of apartments with a country house and plot of land. In fact, this two-storey own cottage. The third floor is often arrange residential attic. The first floor has a living room, dining room and kitchen, while the second floor - two or three bedrooms, fitted closets, and bathroom.