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The registered office of the company. Legal status

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Registered office - A place where people come to the correspondence, notices, orders and other official documents. For example, under the laws of Cyprus, it is necessary that the registered address of the company was in Cyprus.

Legal address, company name, date and place of incorporation shall be shown on all letterheads and letterheads of the application of the company. If the company does not want to open a fully functioning office in Cyprus, if our office can act as an official registered office in Cyprus.

Our company typically provides its customers with a registered office. After that, we are committed to immediately draw up the necessary documents and submit them together with the Memorandum and Articles to the Register of Companies. Memorandum of Association includes the company name, company objectives, share capital and number of shares outstanding. The Charter includes the internal rules of the company.

So, for example, all companies incorporated in Seychelles must have a registered office in its territory. The registered office of International Business Companies (IBC) must also be located in the Seychelles. We can provide you secretarial services, registered office and agent as well as nominee services and virtual office services .

Our office provides services that include sending mail to our customers. Payment for services of a registered office and agent must be made in advance, together with the establishment of the new company. Originally registered address must be specified when registering your company in a statement.

If you do not have a suitable address, or for whatever reason do not want to use your own address, we can provide you with a registered office address. To avoid misunderstandings regarding changes to the legal address must immediately provide to the Registrar of Companies.

Registered Office service includes:

════════════════════════════ The registered office of your company in the country that you

════════════════════════════ Conducting statutory registers your company

════════════════════════════ Display your company name in our service area

════════════════════════════ Administration of statutory mail

Please note that the legal address should not be used for commercial purposes, in general correspondence, or in advertising without the consent of such deytstvy with the owner of the premises. The Company may change the location of registered office, but subject to mandatory notification to the Registrar.

You can also take advantage of our virtual office, which includes:

════════════════════════════ Join mailing address

════════════════════════════ Sending mail to the address that you specify

════════════════════════════ Secretarial services - answering incoming calls and call forwarding

════════════════════════════ Email Address

════════════════════════════ Dedicated telephone number with call forwarding

════════════════════════════ Fax

════════════════════════════ Registration numbers

════════════════════════════ Rental of offices and meeting rooms

If your company is already registered and you want to use the service's registered office, please click here .

If you do not have a suitable address, or for whatever reason do not want to use your own address, we can provide you with our registered office.