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Offshore Trust in the Caribbean

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Establishment and management of trust in Fr. по низким ценам в стабильном регионе с высоко развитой инфраструктурой и соответствующим оффшорным законодательством. St.Vincent and the Grenadines with LoyalBank (Caribbean) at low prices in a stable region with a highly developed infrastructure and offshore legislation.

  • Trust - a contract whereby one person manages and controls the cash or other assets to another person. To achieve various goals may be based trusts of various types. Each type differs in the degree of flexibility and accountability.
  • Trust agreement (trust deed) - this is a document containing the conditions of the trust and defines the powers the trust manager.

Trust - an agreement between three parties:

  • Asset owner (settlor, Settlor / Grantor) Owner's assets - a person who transfers assets to a trust. What type of assets can be transferred? Cash, stocks, cars, boats, real estate, and even patent rights.
  • Trust manager (trustee, Trustee) Trust manager may be a person or company who yavlyutsya official manager of the trust. Managing the assets of the owner in accordance with his wishes. According to the law of trusts at least one of the managers must be resident in St.Vincent and the trustee have a license. In litsezirovannogo trust manager may have other managers who need not be the licensing of managers or residents of Art. Vincent.
  • Beneficiary (Beneficiary, Beneficiary) Beneficiary - The person (or persons) who receives assets from a trust under the trust agreement. Beneficiary may be the owner of the assets and a trust manager may also be one of the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may also be charities.

Asset owner may appoint a protector (rrotector) - an independent person, which ensures that the trust manager guided by the instructions of the owner in the management of trust.

Advantages of a trust:

  • Reduced nalogooblagaemost ═══
  • Financial security for families and other beneficiaries (protection of family assets)
  • Restructuring the distribution of property ═══
  • Asset owner can place any assets, so formally it is not their own ═══
  • Control and management of property ═══
  • Relevance to other commercial purposes.

Which property may be placed in an international trust?

Any kind of property, any ownership interest and an offering of its income can be transferred to the International Trust for Fr. Art. Vincent, regardless of where the property is, except for real estate - and brought in by her income - located on about. Art. Vinsente

We are an official representative of the Loyal Bank (O.Sent Vincent and the Grenadines) http: / / www. loyalbank. com on the territory of CIS countries and offer services in opening personal and corporate accounts, and tazhzhe special business package for the registration of the trust, which includes all the tools for successful offshore business.

Saint Vincent was one of the three jurisdictions in the world, providing information about the owners of accounts at the request of judicial authorities and different agencies, and provides maximum privacy of ownership - at the same time possessing excellent offshore infrastructure and a developed banking system. Loyal bank was the first bank that has received a banking license to o.Sent Vincent and the more than 10 years providing first class services to the offshore bank.

An important advantage is that the registration and support the company also provides a specially created company with a bank that is an additional guarantee of quality services.

International Trust Business Package includes:

1. Registration Trust on o.Sent Vincent and the Grenadines

2. Opening a corporate account in Loyal Bank for your company

3. Device with a Didzhipa for safe conduct of banking operations 4. Cirrus Maestro debit card or Mastercard at the request of this package of services the bank provides the conditions necessary for the success of your International Business Company.


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Global instability, currency fluctuations and uncertainty in politics - all these factors that determine today and tomorrow, show the importance of protection and safety of your cash and investments in secure jurisdictions.