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How to increase sales in a crisis?

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Advertise in the crisis rests: why spend money for nothing - first buy a brand! "What we are witnessing today - a real revolution. A revolution in advertising. Advertisement declared a crusade. Advertising and the costs. Because no one else there is no extra money. And if there are, then throw them into the wind, no one wants. Gone are the golden days when money was not considered, and reveled in his self-satisfaction product. If earlier in the course was saying that "advertising - the motor trade, now take its place came a wise expression," Branding - the engine of sales. " You understand - what is it? Dealers, distributors and retailers just became obvious that can be arbitrarily long trade and bargain, but if you have no one would buy, your work is bad. Need engine does not process, and outcome. All at once his sight.

You may ask - why? For many of these words (advertising and brand) is almost synonymous. The fact of the matter is that no! After all, advertising - it is a waste of money. A branding - it's the accumulation of money. Advertising ruining business. A branding enhances business capitalization. The more spent on advertising, the company poorer, until its destruction. At the same time, more money invested in the promotion of its brand - the company richer. This is because the brand has a price, and advertising it does not matter. Price brand included in intangible assets and expenditures on advertising - no: they relate to costs, but also unproductive.

Whose brand is best?

Ask the people - whether they like advertising? And in 1000 you hear the 999 respondents answer "no."
Ask the people - whether they believe advertising? And in 1000 you hear the 999 respondents answer "no."
Ask the people - whether they are running headlong to buy beer or detergent, saw their advertisements? And from 1000 respondents in 1000 you will hear answers "no".

But at the same time the head of the brewery, sitting in the evening on the couch surrounded a few relatives, immensely proud of him when he sees their advertisement or logo on the screen, assuming that the same lofty and proud feeling felt millions of his fellow viewers, who simultaneously with him watching TV. He is poor, think that a sense of joy in his beer overwhelms all its citizens. That in every house wife's mother-in-law calls, and the wife her husband to quit everything and - look in the rapid-fire ad unit as remarkable pouring out a glass of beer, while young people around licked out of envy or really laugh from his taste, relish.

Correctly, and now ask for another: and whether they like such as Mercedes? Or Sony? And 99% say - YES! And why? "It's very simple - people remember the brand, rather than advertising!


In fact, people do not feel any joy from ordinary advertising. Moreover, change channels, drink tea, go to the bathroom or check their homework in their children. Do viewers of advertising as we know, one of irritation. And, no matter what. And only build on the stimulation of the promotion of their goods, upon which your well-being, the future and, finally, the amount of money - it's just stupid. Some have understood this.

Thus, viewers are unhappy, frustrated businessmen and then seek to blame, seeing their sales drop. A similar result - because there was no basis for promotion. Product or service does not differ from many other analogues. As a result of this "obsessive /" nabivshey nauseam advertising, sales did not increase, and firms still pay extra for it - for the people's discontent and a lack of motivation to buy such wonderful and beautiful products.

And at this time ...

At the same time, the opposite phenomenon occurs with brands. Investments in branding, on the contrary, increase the value of the company. It is an investment. Emphasis on brand attracts the positive attention of buyers, they are glad they bought a good product. Growing sales volume. Everybody is happy. And the ads based on the brand, is much more efficient commodity advertising.

Do you think - why unfolded a relentless and fierce fight for the brands of competitors? It would seem that let themselves with their beer, furniture and aircraft, improves the quality and design. So do not buy ... TM! Note! All buy foreign brands, and no one is buying someone else's advertising budgets! And how to make your TM is better? No way, you need to buy a new one, whose initial conditions will be different from competitors. What, you ask?

Even if the origin, because even just a company with 30 years of history, recorded in one of the countries of Western Europe and working in the CIS, it is in itself a brand, no matter what it is called. After all, domestic business, but do your best, no more than 15 years - in fact until 1991 the USSR had no business! A purchasing company in the EU, you just add on a minimum of twice as much experience in the market, proudly pointing to the package Since .... in Europe, now in Ukraine ..

Advertise with the brand and without - what's the difference?

You ask - what is still different from simply advertising branding? So. Between them is the same as the difference between conventional wire telephones and mobile phones. The first is probably no worse, but will require tremendous costs of cables, trenches, stations, etc. Hence the price of the cost of communication services. For mobile communications is enough to launch a satellite and ... costs a hundred times lower, and higher quality, more profit. Therefore, those who defend the ordinary "advertising technology" let back into the 20 st century and it proves the feasibility of tranzhirstva clients advertising budgets. Those who want to achieve faster performance, profitable result, more buyers and increase sales - invite us into the 21 st century. Here - the realm of brands.

If a firm (brand) reaches a "brand orbit, it is already like a magnet attracts buyers. And as a consequence of collateral and guarantees increased sales and subsequent prosperity. How to begin to flourish leading businessmen, who do not want to let more money on advertising the wind! Consider them, the money is converted and put them only in their brand!

Branding - this is now the most fashionable in the world of technology unwinding brands. Why? Yes, because if competitors boldly comes on the heels, then these conditions become a brand - it's the only way to check out from your competitors. They are still swirling out there at their level, but you have already soared to a higher orbit. They still think the terms "TV commercials", "newspaper strips, billboard outdoor advertising. And you zombiruete population of its brand. All because it is already clear that the era of fierce competition. And no advertising here does not help! She had just emptied his pocket.

Brands in big business

Metallurgy. How much isstradalas our country because of the embargo imposed by the Americans to sell them our metal. And the suffering could not be. And the trouble still quite possible to help correct the situation. Foreigners say - you are wrong to behave in the world market, trying to dump their products. Selling products at prices below world market is not welcomed by the international community. So we should not play against the rules, and by the rules. " You have to conquer the market is not cheap (outrageous) prices, and other means. "

It's very simple. You need to create a company producing metal and make it a global brand. Then tell the world about this brand. To you reach for buyers. Not because of the low price, but because you - the brand. As a result, you win and profit and reputation. And now you have them both times and did not have.

How to get rich with your brand?

You ask - what ways to spin brands? How this is achieved phenomenal effect and what sort of new low-cost technology to promote products? And also - what is the secret behind such brand tools, which destroy all the usual advertising stereotypes?

As well as a dental technician will not tell you what it consists of a seal (not because it's a secret, just his case - to cure your tooth, and it please you). As well as mobile operator, you do not expect a detailed account of the signal path (this is also not a secret, just his case - to provide you the perfect audibility and pleasure). Similarly, in the brands: the mechanism is, it is tested, its effectiveness is confirmed, and the pleasure of using this scheme, hundreds of companies demonstrated. They are happy to have three times the profits and not deal with the voracious and dangerous advertising monster.

We are happy that the country's first grasp the fashion of European brands. After all, everyone wants to be in the mainstream. Conversely, no one wants to remain on the sidelines of the business. Those brands that have known the taste of the brand, they see as increasing their wealth. And those who spent on advertising, sadly watching as melting their bank account.

The country spoke the language of brands! Joy from the fact that now everyone is striving to become the brand: a politician and goods and services, and the city, and the party. Means something in this. Hence, there is this something magically attractive, if it makes the owners of firms shudder and swoon, dreaming, or envy. And that's just the thought and obsession: "I want to become a brand"


Become a brand - it is not just fashion. It's high fashion. Those who do just advertising - now look like they are in a rain coat, Bologna or wear galoshes. Well, who now wears it? Fashion invented in order to bring money to those who follow this model.
How much are the brands - is known. Top ten - billions of dollars. Local Ukrainian - hundreds of thousands. Which brand is better than Ukrainian or European? Why wait - because you can just unscrew the European! Any country in western Europe is itself a brand, and if you add another 20-30 years of history on the EU market?

It turns out an excellent base for his beloved advertisers and PR-schikami Storytelling'a when the sale is accompanied by a beautiful fairy tale that like 30 years ago, a John Smith organized the business of producing "something that you need" and now is an international holding company which applies its experience and the Ukraine ... How you?

Brands in the market - is not only a sign of quality. This is a sign of advantages over other products. And if on the shelf lined up lined up dozens of bottles of vodka, cheese, boxes of washing powder, packets of tea, types of refrigerators, brands of cigarettes and cans of coffee, the only way to focus the attention of buyers - is to make products "brand." On the label on the package, the price tag, at the entrance to the store - it does not matter. Eye of the buyer falls only on the brand and it is opened (note with pleasure) customers wallet. Objective achieved.

How many times in recent years we have seen the fruits of your labor on public enlightenment brands and our company's trademark slogan addressed to ordinary people: "Only buy brands." Old lady comes into the shop and asks the shop assistant: "Daughter, and this cream - the brand?"

So do not be surprised soaring sales of the cream. It is as if "has legs."
And speaking of serious language, she has energy. That same energy, which attracts buyers and motivates him to buy. By the way, really good product. And because of the brand-sour old woman tells another, and her neighbor, daughter, granddaughter, son-in and buhgaltershe zheke, the energy brand acquires escape velocity. This speed allows the brand to soar into orbit recognition. Falling out is impossible. Such cases, no. Hence, another advantage of brand - a guarantee of longevity in the hearts of fans. The very ones who give the most expensive brands, they have - money. A lot of money. All of the money.


They even say that brands are making money out of thin air. But this is the dream of any entrepreneur. Another thing is that he must come up with such an air, which will be bought, with persistent and long. And by the way, the air - it is not vacuum or void. We breathe them, and without it no life. On the quality of the air we breathe life depends. Of brands depends on the quality and style of life.

Demand dissects our lives on brands and brand. The first store for a happy future. The second - wretched stagnation. So people say. Thank God, this contest is no jury, and experts who are usually all podsuzhivayut, and from what suffocate other prestigious national competitions. In Brenda jury - the people and money. He fills hundreds of thousands of questionnaires, naming favorite brand of goods, and it looks like a real poll, not only political, but commodity. As a result, we'll have a real "national recognition" - rating, which has no equal.

This is a rare success when satisfied everything: the producers - because their sales are growing. And consumers - because they get the best product and do not risk your wallet, spending senseless experiments on them, buying untested products and evaluating - they are good or not. Traders are happy - because their speed increases. Rather the government, because the level and quality of life of the electorate at least a little, but still rising.

Want to Europe?

Long time residents of the SG was in reserve. Foreigners are mockingly told: you have no brand. That, say, with you taking? Where, in what you set out to march to Europe? And you say, because it's all good and patriotic, as for you, too, are primarily interested in money and the result, why stop her - take and buy a ready-European brand. And spins. That's possible. And you have to. And it is not prohibited. And most importantly - very realistically and inexpensively. Tomorrow can write on their products Swiss made since 1934. It is important to be one of the first. Hurry. Do you still have a chance to get ahead of the Chinese:)