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Mafia talking on Skype

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Phone calls over the Internet to help avoid police wiretaps. As BBC reports, sources in the Italian police said that members of criminal syndicates involved in trafficking arms, drugs and people for their talks are increasingly using a program Skype, in order to confuse the investigation.

Encryption system, which is used in Skype, not disclosed to the developers, and this greatly complicates the job of law enforcement. For example, recently they have managed to notch a conversation between two suspected drug traffickers, during which they agreed to discuss the delivery of cocaine through Skype.

Skype - is really a good solution not only for the negotiations, and to transmit confidential documents and files via the Internet, since all the connections occur in protected mode.

For the safety of their personal Dunn and confidentiality of financial information on the offshore, we also recommend that you use this program. Download Russian version from the official website www.skype.com